by Grudi Associates on 02/22/2013

E-Commerce Driven by Smart Users

Businesses using mobile devices for e-commerce.Capturing e-commerce sales is a growing priority for businesses. Customers on the move are becoming a formidable factor in many markets. 1 in 5 e-commerce site visits were on smart devices in Q4, 2012. Smartphones and tablets drove 20.6% of total e-commerce traffic according to Monetate. That’s more than double their 8.2% share from a year earlier. On Christmas day – which set a record for new device activations – smart devices accounted for a 31.6% of traffic. Businesses need to have mobile-friendly websites that make it easy for these users to make purchases. They should also be sure they have adequate bandwidth to handle the ecommerce traffic and a good backup system to avoid missing sales opportunities if primary service goes down.

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