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by Grudi Associates on January 9, 2014

“Distracted Walking” Hazard

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but talking or texting on your cellphone can be distracting enough to cause collisions with other pedestrians. What you might not expect is the extent to which “distracted walking” incidents occur. Pew Research says more than half of all cellphone owners are involved in distracted walking due to phone use. 53% have either bumped into someone or have been bumped into. 18-24 year old users are the highest, with 51% having been the “bumper” and 71% having been bumped into. Are distracted walking laws on the way? Who knows. But please be careful. Over half of cellphone users are impacted by “distracted walking” – colliding with someone due to cellphone use.

by Grudi Associates on December 12, 2013

Who Really Dominates the Smartphone Market?

From what you hear in the media, you might think that Apple’s iOS operating system owns the smartphone market with its iPhone. The truth is quite different. Android reached 81.0% smartphone share in Q3 2013, while iOS dropped to 12.9%. Windows Phone had 3.6%, and BlackBerry had just 1.7%. During Black Friday week (Tue., Nov. 26th through Sun., Dec. 1st) sales of phones with the Android operating system led Apple iOS phones by more than two and a half times. On the other hand, Apple is by far the most profitable of the mobile brands. It is also the media darling, due in large part to Apple’s innovation and Steve Jobs’s distinctive presence. While many industry insiders believe that Android offers superior options, Apple has masterfully positioned iPhone and iOS for its target market, and it’s paying off. It will be interesting to see if its success can endure in the future.

by Grudi Associates on November 6, 2013

No Juice for the BlackBerry Deal

BlackBerry’s $5-billion deal with Fairfax Financial Holdings fell through - the future is unclear.Is it over for BlackBerry? With the announcement that its $5-billion deal led by Fairfax Financial Holdings has fallen through, it’s hard to see a route back to viability for the  once-dominant brand. But the game is not over yet. There is still an intensely loyal core group of BlackBerry users who do not want to give up the traditional keyboard. With the right deal, another manufacturer could leverage the real value that still exists in the BlackBerry brand. The final chapter in the BlackBerry story is yet to be written. Read more.

by Grudi Associates on November 1, 2013

Time for a New iPad?

It is if you want a super-thin, ultra-light tablet with a speedy 64-bit A7 processor. The Apple iPad Air is now available for ordering from Grudi Associates. It starts at $629.99. Shipping starts after November 11, 2013. If you want something more compact, the new 7.9 inch iPad Mini with Retina display is a great option. It will be available for ordering soon. Contact Grudi Associates to order the iPad Air. Read about the benefits of using tablets in your business.

New Apple iPad Air

by Grudi Associates on October 23, 2013

New iPads – Thinner, Lighter, Faster

There’s no doubt that the new Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini are meaningful upgrades from the earlier versions, though they don’t include any dramatic new features. They are mostly refinements of previous models. They are well work examining. Read more.

New Apple iPad Air



New Apple iPad Mini from Grudi Associates