by Grudi Associates on 03/15/2013

New BlackBerry Z10 Available for Pre-Order

Verizon Wireless is now taking pre-orders for the new and innovative BlackBerry Z10.Just when things were looking especially bleak for BlackBerry, RIM rose to the challenge and designed a truly innovative smartphone that could turn things around for the fading company – at least for now.

Verizon Wireless is now taking pre-orders for the new and innovative BlackBerry Z10. The device is scheduled for delivery starting on March 28. The BlackBerry Z10 will run on Verizon Wireless’s 4G LTE network, the largest in the country by far. This new device is completely redesigned, with many attractive features and capabilities. For customers with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES), BlackBerry Balance technology makes it possible to keep work and personal information separate and secure. Users can store business apps and information on a work profile and personal data on another. The BES will also support iOS and Android platforms, allowing businesses to manage all their Apple and Android devices in one place. BlackBerry Balance technology is available for all three platforms.

In addition, the device’s virtual keyboard adjusts to your personal typing style, learning how you type and where your fingers hit the keys. BlackBerry Browser loads webpages quickly and supports Flash, HTML5 and other elements. The smartphone can also turn BlackBerry Messenger chat into a video chat with the tap of a button and instantly share what’s on the screen, such as documents, pictures, videos or web pages.

There are many other new features, as well, making this the most innovative BlackBerry in years. Contact us for more information or to pre-order:

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