Preparing for the Next Storm

We are now in the third week since super-storm Sandy inundated the northeast, leaving an unprecedented wake of devastation. Recovery will take many months or even years. Our thoughts are with the million who have been affected and especially those who continue to suffer. 

The impact of this storm underscores the vulnerability our electrical grid and the data network that has become absolutely essential to businesses. Today, power remains out for numerous companies, rendering many of them unable to do business, serve their customers and make a payroll. Such an outage is one of the most significant costs of a storm, natural disaster or other interruption. But it is also preventable with proper planning and precautions. A dependable backup and disaster recovery system, provided by the right partner, can be the difference between business continuation and catastrophe.  

Unfortunately, far too many businesses have inadequate backup and disaster recovery systems, and some have none at all. Others work with service providers that do not have a robust enough infrastructure or sufficient redundancy to keep operations functioning through such a massive outage as Sandy has brought. These companies are paying a huge price that they did not have to incur.

When choosing a backup and disaster recovery company, it is essential to determine if they have systems in place that can weather virtually any storm, disaster or outage, regardless of its cause, location or duration. At Grudi Associates, we did exhaustive research before choosing our partners to ensure that they would keep our customers up and running, no matter what. During Sandy, our customers utilizing Evolve IP and other provider services never lost connections and could keep doing business, unlike far too many others. Now is the ideal time for businesses to reevaluate their backup and disaster recovery systems and partners. Storms like Sandy are only one of many threats to business continuity.

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